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Share Recruitment Ltd is a new recruitment company yet with extensive experience (it's founder has over 15 years Recruitment Industry experience).
We don't believe we should dictate how to do business with you and pride ourselves on our flexibility to meet your needs and expectations. 
Let’s make recruitment a sharing experience....
Looking to reduce the cost of your recruitment?  Maybe we can help.  You want early payment discounts, you got it.  Multiple placement discounts, why not?  Special requests?  Let’s talk.  Any ideas or suggestions on how you want your recruitment company to work for you, feel free to email them through.
We want to build long-term relationships with our clients, not just make a placement then forget about you. Where possible we will even use part of our recruitment fees to invest back in your company.  That's how confident we are that we will find you the right people who will add true value to your business.
Looking for work?  Please get in contact.  We will always strive to understand your experience, expectations and career aspirations and match you up with opportunities that are right for you.  We want you to be happy in your role and will stay in contact with you long after placing you.  After all, without you we could not function.  Plus, we will never forward your CV to a company without telling you where it will be submitted and first gaining your written consent - honesty and openness is always the best policy.
Making recruitment a sharing experience – in the unlikely event we cannot fill your requirements or find you a role, we have partnered with a select few, reliable and reputable recruitment agencies known personally (for many years) to our founder to share our resources and knowledge - it’s all about sharing!
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