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We want to build and maintain a lasting relationship with our candidates, not talk once and never speak again. 

Our commitment to you:
  • We will always do our best to speak to you at a time that is convenient for you
  • We will do our best to only present you with relevant job opportunities based on the information and requirements you have given to us
  • If we do not have any current suitable positions we will actively seek some out for you through our clients and partnered agencies
  • We will give you the full details of the role, company, location and package before submitting your CV
  • We will not submit your CV to any vacancies until we have received written consent from yourself
  • We will aim to keep up to date at all stages of the recruitment process and not only inform you of positive results but also if your CV has been rejected (no more wondering what happened to that vacancy I spoke with that agent about some time ago)
  • We will pass on all feedback after interviews given to us from our clients whether positive or negative (so if there is no offer you can still turn it into a learning experience)
  • We will be honest and open with you with all details of offers and competing candidates if any (no making up imaginery competing candidates or manufacturing fake decision deadlines - it happens!)
  • We will not put you under pressure to take our job offers (it is after all your decision!)
If this sounds like the type of recruitment agency you would like to work with, please get in contact
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