Sharing the options
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Sharing the options
Why do recruitment companies have to be rigid with their terms?  We do not believe this has to be the case.  Everyone wants to feel like they have a got a deal, which is why we are always open to negotiation.

Our standard terms (which can be downloaded from this site) are 20%, 28 days payment terms however:
For permanent placements:
  • Pay on the candidate's first day: receive a 15% discount on the invoice amount
  • Pay within 2 weeks of the candidate's first day: recieve a 7.5% discount on the invoice amount
Take on more than one person recommended by us in the space of a month, reduce the costs even further:
  • 1st person; fee = 20%
  • 2nd person; fee = 17.5%
  • 3rd person; fee = 15%
  • 4th person; fee = 12.5%
  • 5th person; fee = 10%
  • Take on a 6th person (or more) within the month; fee = 0% (yes, no fee)
    * Fees will revert back to 20% at the end of the one month period
Think you can't afford permanent agency fees?
If required, we would even be happy to split the fee (interest free of course) into more manageable payments over 6 or 12 months:
  • Fee < £6000 = fee split over 6 equal monthly instalments - plus if the candidate leaves within these 6 months you stop paying
  • Fee > £6000 = fee split over 12 equal monthly instalments - plus if the candidate leaves within these 12 months you stop paying
We will even use part of our recruitment fees to buy shares in your company (if publicly listed) - how's that for an incentive to find you only the very best people!

Don't fancy any of these options - feel free to suggest some of your own or work to our standard terms.  Prefer to work to your own terms - not a problem.
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